Below are other organizations working on promoting women in the photography field and beyond.


The Luupe

A community of women photographers creating custom content for leading brands.

We believe authenticity in advertising shouldn’t be hard to achieve. So we’re making it easier and more affordable to get a steady stream of stunning, diverse content - created specifically for you.


F Collective

An initiative that asks brands + their agencies to pledge to present a female photographer option on each job, with a goal of increasing gender diversity in advertising photography.



This initiative hopes to aid in reaching gender parity for experienced women photographers. The crème de la crème of female content creators for the branded image and video economy.


women in photography nyc

Launched in June 2008, Women in Photography is an innovative website founded by artists Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips that showcases the work of women artists.



Worn builds brands for the female perspective. Worn is dedicated to helping women-led companies grow through strategy and design.



She Sees’ mission is to inspire the next generation of diverse female filmmakers and empower more young women to tell their stories through film.


women’s photo alliance

The WPA's mission is to support female photographers, offer multiple perspectives, and make the point of view of women more universal.


badgers & winters

We lead with a female perspective that helps brans grow loyal and lasting relationships with women in an emotional intuitive way. After years of marketing to women around the world, we provide a global perspective that cultivates brand love. Having launched an industry-wide, global conversation on how women are portrayed in advertising, we are raising the standards in how brands talk to women.


We, Women

We, Women is not just a grant: it’s an opportunity to shape a national conversation about problems, solutions, and how to find common ground.
The first phase of this developing project will feature up to 20 projects in key states and a mobile national exhibition starting in late 2020. We support women, transgender, and non-binary artists whose processes are rooted in community engagement and collaboration. Their projects will re-frame issues and highlight underrepresented narratives that resist and interrogate social and political landscapes while promoting empathy and unity.